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Teren pentru Proiect Parc Industrial- Arad E 68

Arad, Bujac

ID: FX00152 1544 Comision: 2%
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Reprezentare exclusiva vandut
  • ID:FX00152
  • S. teren:320328.00 mp
  • Front stradal:307.95 m
  • Nr. fronturi:4
  • Clasificare teren:Intravilan
  • Regim inaltime:P+2
  • Utilitati generale: Curent, Apa, Canalizare, Gaz

1. Location description: - Location within the city: the property is located in the western
part of Arad, at circa 2 km from city limits, in the 1st row from E68(DN7); The property is situated, on the right side of the E 68 road to Nadlac; - Neighborhood: The neighborhood comprises vacant land plots and industrial halls; - Site access: The access is made from E 68. The site is directly
accessible by car; - The Subject Property is located at circa 38 km from Nadlac Duane, 12
km Turnu Duane and 10-12 km from Arad city centre.
2. Site area:- Land area: 320,238 sqm; - Shape: Trapezoidal; - Frontage: 307.95 ml; - Depth: 750 ml; - Gradient: level
3:The Status for the Permits of Utilities:
* Sanitary Permit – obtained: according to the Address nr. 13../17.09.2008 stated by The Public Health Office – The Authority Of Public Health Arad County;
* Electricity Permit - received: issued by ENEL Banat Distribution according to the address no. 196../1/29.08.2008;
* Fire Security and Civil Protection Permit – received: issued by The Ministry of Intern and Administrative Reforms – The “Vasile Goldis” General Inspector for Emergency Situations ARAD, according to the addresses: NO 3035.../A/26.08.2008 & 302.../A/26.08.2008;
* Telecommunication Technical Permit – obtained form ROMTELECOM SA – Arad County Communication Center, according to the address number 7../12.09.2008;
* Public Utilities – Water Connection Permit – received: issued by the Water Company Arad, according to the address number 10.../28.08.2008;
* Permit for the Access to the Natural Gas Distribution – received form E-ON Gas DISTRIBUTION SA, according to the address no. 60../25.08.2008;
* Environment Permit for PUZ – Logistic Park – obtained from The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development – The National Agency For Environment Potection – Arad, according to the address no. 56../15.10.2008;
* Permit for Intersection Facility on DN7 Road for the roundabout – received: issued by The Ministry of Intern and Administrative Reforms, according to the address no. 214105/07.10.2008;
* Urbanism Certificate no. 21../30.07.2008;
* PUZ (Development Area Plan).
4. Unit description: The Subject Property is located at circa 2 km from Arad on the right side of E68, Arad-Nadlac. The Subject Property is neighbored by vacant land plots. Extended neighborhood: Carrefour and Bricostore (at circa 2km), 2 Petrom Gas Stations, DAF, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michellin.
5. Planning: The Subject Property is zones as “Extravillan”.
According to the Urbanism Certificate, the land is suitable for industrial development (warehouses and offices (GF+2 floors for administrative facility).
6.Highest &Best Use
Commercial/Light industrial; Features Advantages: Large plot of land allowing future development; Location close to the E 68 road with leads to Nadlac

Andrei Constantin